A rare candid of me taken by my friend Sarah
A shot a friend captured during “Hysteria” at a Def Leppard concert

My name is Chad VanderPoel.  I created Chad’s Hysteria to showcase some of my passions like photography and videography, as well as one I strive to develop more and more, writing.  Yes, the title was inspired by one of my all-time favorite rock bands, Def Leppard, and their hit record “Hysteria” which I believe to be one of the absolute best songs to roll down the windows and hit the open road to.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.  It may just take you somewhere.

As you venture into some of the pieces I share on here I intend to do just that, take you somewhere.  It may be about some of my passions like traveling.  You’ll learn that I love traveling and more about why.  You may also learn more about my experiences or about something I want to share with the world.  Almost all the photos used are from an experience I captured as well to tell the story.  It’s all my own hysteria.

Studying the view from above Machu Picchu
Learning how to do the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira in the favellas in Rio de Janeiro

As for my story, I grew up on a farm and in a small rural town in Minnesota.  I may have went from the farm boy to the city kid but I wouldn’t trade any of it because it is all part of me and got me to where I am today.  Hopefully Chad’s Hysteria will tell more about that story.  The best part about about experiencing both styles of life is all the things I have picked up along the way and in many ways made me a jack-of-all-trades, or at least I try to act the part.

My good friend Tate and I. Tate competes in Special Olympics.
My friend Brandon and I trying to get those Space Jam talents at the Dean Smith Center, home of the Tar Heels (the better shade of blue)

Sports have also been a huge part of my entire life and forged my career up to this point.  I truly believe in the power of sport and how it can bring people together to do many great things.  Sports have allowed me to compete in many different arenas, each one presenting something different.  They’ve taken me to the world’s biggest stage of the Olympics to gyms across Chicago to play and manage a sport I love dearly, basketball.  They’ve also opened my eyes to athletes of all ability levels, elite and those who just want to have fun.  Then there are those that I find the most unique, ones that teach me the most.  These are the athletes I currently work with as part of Special Olympics.  You can bet something related to sports will also be found here.

I also take pride in not simply being a one-trick pony so it’s not all about sports.  Some of the things I also love aside from sports and traveling are music, movies, drawing, woodwork, the ocean, animals, breweries, history,

Joining a school of fish after my certification dive near Maya Bay in Thailand

kayaking, hiking, diving, and my favorite, learning from other people.  I love people and many of those people I encounter make their way into my writing.  Most importantly, you will find pieces about my faith journey and my findings.  God is the most critical part for me and the love for his son, Jesus.  Learning how to share His love is a vital piece the the intention in my writing.  My hope is to bring that love to all of you.

This is my story, or should I say my hysteria, and it is here you will find much of what I have to share.  Thanks for visiting and following along.


Calling the orcas on my harmonica under some northern lights in Andenes, Norway, above the Arctic Circle

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