A Special Time

Where do I start?  It’s hard to put into words what the last 7 years have been to me.  If I have to pick one word I’ll go with ‘Special’.  Few might know the story but there were a couple months back in 2011 when I was in transition for where my career might take … More A Special Time

Choosing to Include: The USA Games Experience

Choosing to Include The USA Games Experience The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games.  There doesn’t seem to be one adjective that truly describes what they are or what they have been like for the many athletes, coaches, and fans attending.  They have been filled with moments that will become memories, ones cherished for the rest … More Choosing to Include: The USA Games Experience

I Love This Game

I Love This Game It’s another day, probably a Monday.  I’m not sure.  I roll into the locker room to get ready to head to the gym for some noon basketball.  I’m feeling excited already just because it has been a week or so since I last played.  Once or twice a week I try … More I Love This Game

Skål Scandinavia!

Skål Scandinavia! Hold up.  What are all these å’s, ä’s, ö’s, and ø’s?  I had just touched down in Kobenhavn.  What is that?  Is that Copenhagen?  First mistake of the trip for me.  I did not come prepared for the language differences and did not realize that a lot of Scandinavian words have been converted … More Skål Scandinavia!