Spyhopping Passion Through Fear

Spyhopping Passion Through Fear In just a few days I’m about to begin one of my biggest endeavors yet.  I will be setting out solo to a country I have never been to before and one where English is not the primary language.  It will be up to me to decide where I stay, what … More Spyhopping Passion Through Fear

25 Days of Receiving

25 Days of Receiving Receiving.  When we think of receiving we think of something being given to us and visa-versa for giving but the two go hand-in-hand.  On many of our journeys we were raised with a moral education that it is better to give than receive.  However, there is one key thing missing from … More 25 Days of Receiving

Putting a Glove on Love

Ok, it had to be the cover picture that drew you in.  It worked! Yes! ……………………. Flowers.  Chocolates.  Cheesy greeting cards.  Everything filled with red, pink, or purple.  February 14th.  Love. Yep, that’s Valentine’s Day.  It was the day that became associated with romantic love in the 14th century and evolved a few centuries later … More Putting a Glove on Love

A Letter of Gratitude – To 2016 And All Those In It

Dear 2016, First off, you sure filled my year with many great moments, new adventures, mental tests, and ambitious achievements.  For the past month I’ve been trying to digest everything about the last 12 months, the successes and the failures. Regardless of the latter, it was one that I can’t do anything but draw the … More A Letter of Gratitude – To 2016 And All Those In It

My Friend John

He’s not your average twenty five year old dude.  He’s not out trying to meet the girl of his dreams.  He’s not trying to advance his career.  He’s something more.  He’s the most unique individual I’ve ever met. About a year and a half ago my life changed.  I gave up the big city of … More My Friend John